Monday, October 8, 2007

Gordon Klingenschmitt's Sub-Standard Performance--And His Goebbels-Like Propaganda Campaign To Shift Blame

Gordon Klingenschmitt Is Reported to Have Routinely
Secetly Taped Conversations While Serving as a Chaplain

Gordon Klingenschmitt continues in his never-ending quest to become a household name.(Phrase freely adapted from "People for the American Way") It amazes me that so many good evangelical Christians have fallen for his Goebbels-like propaganda without taking the two minutes required to realize that he is full of empty, hot air. Klingenschmitt's tireless propaganda machine employs the NAZI philosophy that if one tells a lie long enough and often enough, people accept it as truth. The following quote was posted by MiddleLinebacker on the talk page of Klingenschmitt's attempt at writing his own autobiography on wikikpedia!

"However, with all due respect I must inform you that you do not seem to comprehend the deceit and dishonesty that has accrued to Ks constant spins and untruthful redaction of the facts. For instance, his autobiographical paragraph has been edited to read, 'he is currently fighting to have a new endorsement from Chaplaincy Full Gospel Churches recognized by the service.' The Full Gospel Churches organization is recognized by the Department of Defense as a legitimate endorsing agent and their status has never been questioned. The legitimacy of the endorsing agent is not Ks problem. His problem is that his record was reviewed and he was found to be unsuitable for service as a chaplain or an officer.

"Why is that so difficult for you and others to understand? He has received sub-standard performance reports and has been convicted at a Special Court Martial. He disobeyed an order of a superior commissioned officer. The military is built on a foundation of discipline and obedience and failure to obey an order is an extremely serious offense. Teamwork and being a team player is of the essence of military bearing and military success. K has proved from day one that he hasn't the ability nor the inclination and intent to be a team player. The presiding judge at his court martial referred to Ks 'sui juris' status. Indeed, he has proved time and again that he is 'a law unto himself.' K has never been disciplined nor has he been chastised for praying in Jesus' name. He has chosen to introduce this element and insert it into every phase of his argument because he knows that he cannot defend his repeated illegal actions and conduct."

"His ploy is to deceive you and others who do not seem to know the true facts about his untruthful and unethical behavior and to influence you to believe that he has and is suffering religious persecution. He employs the typical propaganda tactic of 'if you say it long enough, loudly enough, and with great passion the masses will believe it.' K goes on and on about losing everything and how he would do it all again. The public needs to know that in a letter to the Chief of Naval Personnel he said words to the effect of 'if you will give me some financial compensation I will drop all of my complaints and waive any right to any future complaints that I might have.' So much for his noble, altruistic concern for others and for the celebrated righteousness of his cause. MiddleLinebacker."

Why is it that so many people have chosen to believe Gordon Klingenschmitt's shrill, unsupported accusations of religious persecution by the Navy? Literally hundreds of commissioned officers, serving as Navy chaplains, say there is no systematic persecution against Christians in the Navy. Why is it that so many people have chosen to believe the word of one chaplain, a convicted criminal, over hundreds of chaplains who remain faithful to their churches and their oaths of office?


Great Lakes Chaplain said...

You hit the nail right on the head! I went to chaplain school with this guy. He was arrogant and overbearing. He even gave all of his a copy of his own self-published book! As if we wanted to read all of his legalistic condemnation. I thought that ministers of the Gospel were supposed to bring Good News, not "you are all dirty-dog sinners, repent!" I was amazed that the Navy didn't kick him out of chaplain school. I guess it would have been kinda bad for a chaplain to fail chaplain school, but this guy should have. We don't need anymore like him in the chaplains corps. We have enough problems with two wars going on and all that.

san dog sailor said...

I can't believe a chaplain can be this vain and self-serving. I am glad that he was never assigned to one of my ships. He should be completely ashamed of himself. At least most chaplains are true blue and really want to help sailors.

Former 2AD Ch said...

When are they finally going to get rid of this sorry excuse of a chaplain and officer? Back when I served as a chaplain in the Army we knew that we could not directly lobby Congress concerning military policy. All of us knew that it was illegal to appear in uniform in any type of political protest because it only serves to weaken the apolitical nature of our armed services. This is Military 101. Why is it that this man just can't understand it? Klinershmith needs to get over it. He was convicted at a Court Martial as an officer. How embarrasing! He truly should be ashamed of himself. Where does he get off claiming religious persecution? What a load of bull.

dc rev said...

It really looks like you caught Klinkerman in yet another lie. I remember a year ago when he tried his hunger strike in DC. At first, I thought he had a legitimate complaint. Then, I read his web site. It was unbelievably deceptive. I reminded me of the old snake oil salesmen. What a sad end for this man--and all preventable. All he had to do was minister God's love to the sailors and what did he do? He became a politician! What a waste.

Keep up the good work.

Navy Priest in Iraq said...

Sub-standard performance says it all. Goebbels-like Propaganda Campaign also describes Gordon very well. Do you know that he actually forced his own self-published book on all the chaplains at Chaplain's School? He thought that it was some great literary work. It wasn't. It was just a regurgitation of the extreme evangelical "I'm OK, You're Going To Hell" message that a few fundamentalists (very few thankfully) seem to have married themselves to over the years.

Anonymous said...

Navy Priest, you have my sympathies for having to go through Chaplain's School with such a sorry excuse of an officer as Klingenschmitt. He simply has no shame whatsoever. This blog is right on the money. I wonder how long it will be before all of Gordon's ultra-neo-ueber-conservatives start saying "Heil Klingenschmitt" and start singing "Klingenschmitt Ueber Alles"?